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Kelly's Bunnies - Castors.

Sire of BOV Castor 2011 Nationals: Kelly's Shimmer. 2nd Castor Jr. Buck 2009 National GC Kelly's Tex. Tex was my first really exceptional castor in my herd.he had great color, fur and a huge hindquarter. He is behind every castor in the barn and will live out his days here. The Mini Rex, known for its smooth,. Castor Mini Rex. Blue Mini Rex. Blue Eyed White Mini Rex. Black Tort Mini Rex. Silver Marten Mini Rex. Care Level. Low. High. Clean it's bedding, litter box, water bottles, and food bowls regularly and replace them if there are any wear and tear. Use. 28/11/2017 · Mini Rex Rabbits - Update on the Castor, Red, and Blue Mini Rex Rabbit Litters in the Growout Pen We often bring you mini rex rabbit updates from the nestbox but we don't give updates often enough to show ow nice.

27/04/2008 · This is our first litter from Boogie and Timber. Their color. Mini Rex were derived from the Rex rabbit. Their unique, dense, plush, velvet-like fur, was caused by a mutation seen in wild rabbits in France in the late 19th century. The Rex mutation is recessive and causes the hair to protrude outwards from the body, instead of lying flat, and the guard hairs to be shortened to the length of the undercoat. Mini rex should hold their ears erect and close together. The eyes should be round, bold, and bright. Does may have a small dewlap. Mini rex should have straight, short legs with medium or fine bone. Look for a straight tail that is in balance with the rest of the rabbit. Mini rex are known for their wonderful fur!

Rex rabbits have 15 recognized varieties. Black, Black Otter, Blue. Broken, Californian, Castor, Chinchilla. CASTOR: Color is to be rich. Some of the above rabbits in the broken variety are pictures of Mini Rex, but the. If the ring color on the Opal is lacking then breed to a Castor. When breeding Rex, determine the gene strength of your buck. For example, if your buck is an Opal bred to a Castor doe, are you producing more Opal or Castor bunnies? The experienced Rex breeder usually can tell what colors you will get with a quick glimpse of the pedigree. Le lapin Rex est aujourd'hui largement répandu en France; vous trouverez des lapin rex nains, bélier ou encore le lapin rex castor cf. photo ci-après. 8 Un peu d'histoire: C'est monsieur Caillon, un agriculteur vivant dans la Sarthe, qui en 1919 obtient un jeune lapin mâle dont le poil brun et bien duveteux. Le lapin rex possède un caractère phénotypique se traduisant par une variation pileuse chez le Lapin domestique Oryctolagus cuniculus. Ce caractère est issu d'une mutation génétique spontanée qui, à l'inverse du lapin angora, donne aux individus une fourrure duveteuse, très dense et courte, ayant l'aspect du velours et composée.

Litter of mini rex babies. Purebred and have full pedigrees. They will be ready to leave J Bernville, Pennsylvania » Rex $35.00: Mini Rex for sale Rabbits for sale Bernville, Pennsylvania » Rex Mini rex doe Friendly mini rex doe. Not sure on age but she is young. Himalayan in color $20 Port. Compart’s Mini Rex 2019 National Mini Rex Sales List. Compart’s Mini Rex Sales Policy 1.All rabbits will be entered in my name and cared for by me. Buyer will take possession on check out day. 2.Messages received on Compart’s Mini Rex page only will be answered in the order they are received. Ringer’s Mini Rex has a great weekend at the spring Central North Dakota Rabbit Breeders show. Ringer’s Fireball, a castor buck, earned Best Opposite while Ringer’s Chandelier, a white doe, earned Best of Breed under judge Drew Bliss. She then went on to win Best Reserve in Show.

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One look at Mini Rex rabbits is enough to be enamored with their infinitesimal cuteness. They're diminutive, velvety-soft, and make really incredible pets. But before you head right out and bring one home, there are a few things you need to understand. Caring for Mini Rex. Shaded Mini Rex Color Guide. Welcome to my Shaded Mini Rex Color Guide. This is where you will find pretty much every shaded variety possible. Most of the rabbits on here are Mini Rex but I may have a couple Rex as well. Not all of the pictures are mine but many. Here at P & H Rabbitry we strive to raise quality rabbits. We enjoy raising and showing our Mini Rex and Flemish Giants to the best of our ability. We are members of the A.R.B.A., National Mini Rex Club, Ohio Mini Rex Rabbit Club, National Federation of Flemish Giant Rabbit Breeders.

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